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Park Programs


From art to yoga to nature and more, we hope you find a program that encourages you to visit our parks and become part of the Porter County Parks community. Browse our program categories below via our website or program guide. Or go directly to our online registration portal.


Youth Art Programs

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Leadership and Team Building

Character & Team Building Training

We believe that many values and skills can’t simply be taught, but must be learned through experiences. Our Character & Team Building program is designed to engage groups in challenging outdoor adventures that build communication, cooperation, empathy, trust, determination, creativity, asset management, bullying prevention, planning, problem solving, patience, selflessness, leadership, optimism, conflict resolution, respect and beyond. 

Groups that benefit from these programs include corporations, non profits, school teams and organizations, community organizations and more! 

For more information or to schedule a program please contact our Program Director, Nichole Murray at 219.309.0680 or