Programs at Porter County Parks

Here in Porter County, we have a variety of great opportunities that will have you make the most of our natural beauty of our area and everything else we have to offer. Whether you want to go out and enjoy the great outdoors, be inspired by nature and see it grow on canvas or fire up the imagination of your students in class (or out!) – there’s a recreational program for all occasions.

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Porter County Parks and Recreation offers wellness and enrichment programs for adults of all ages, at all skill levels. We boast a staff of highly qualified instructors who will make sure you get the most out of our programs.

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Vincent van Gogh said, “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” Our art classes allow painters, writers and photographers of all abilities to explore nature and translate the beauty they see into their work.

Our parks offer the perfect setting to develop as an artist, and our instructors use their knowledge to foster confidence and improve skills within students. Classes take place at Sunset Hill Farm County Park and Brincka Cross Gardens, two places where artists can discover endless sources of inspiration.


Do you like to run, walk, hike, do yoga? We offer many opportunities for people of all ages to move their bodies and learn about nutrition. Classes take place at our parks and other Porter County sites, both indoors and outdoors, and include an assortment of exercises. Drop in and give one a try, or register for an entire session to see how easy it is to get on a path to better overall health!

Character & Team Building Training

Experience based adventure education custom designed to meet the needs of your group! 

At Porter County Parks & Recreation we believe that many values and skills cannot simply be taught, but must be learned through experiences. We have developed a new Character & Team Building program designed to engage groups in challenging outdoor adventures that build communication, cooperation, empathy, trust, determination, creativity, asset management, bullying prevention, planning, problem solving, patience, selflessness, leadership, optimism, conflict resolution, respect and beyond. 

Groups that would benefit from these programs include: corporations, non profits, school teams and organizations, community organizations and more! 

For more information or to schedule a program please contact our Program Director, Nichole Murray at 219.309.0680 or

Meet The Animals

Sunset Hill Farm is home to a variety of farm animals and we would be delighted to introduce you. Stop into one of our free seasonal Meet the Animals events to get up-close and personal with these sweet creatures. 

Visit us on the first Saturday and second Friday of each month
March – November | 10:00-11:00 am

For questions about the farm animals contact  (219) 309-0680


We're always available to answer your questions about any of our programs and help you register.
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